2018 Jail School

The Iowa State Sheriffs’ & Deputies’ Association 2018 Jail School convened at the Airport Holiday Inn in Des Moines from Sunday, September 16 thru Wednesday, September 19.

Sunday afternoon, ‘Registration’ was available to the early arrivals while the evening included Hospitality by Telespan Communications.

Monday morning, ‘Registration’ continued with numerous members taking advantage of ISSDA jewelry and clothing sales. 
The ‘Presentation of Colors’ was made by the ISSDA Honor Guard. ‘Invocation’ was given by Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson. ‘Welcome’ and ‘Opening Remarks’ followed by President Josh Hammen.
The morning training session opened with PREA: Protecting You and Your Agency by Kevin Boldt, LLC. Kevin is a PREA Auditor and talked for 3 hours on the advantages of complying with these Federal rules.
Refreshments were sponsored by Prodigy Solutions, Inc.
Following the noon lunch, Pat Reinert (US Attorneys Office), Dale Woolery (Governors Office of Drug Control Policy,) and Lindsay Schrader (Cedar Rapids Police Dept) spent 2 hours on the increased use and abuse of Opioids: Trends, Impact & Policy. They shared some staggering statistics.
Refreshments sponsored by Karl Chevrolet.
The day’s training ended with Legal Issues & Updates by Kristi Harshbarger (ISAC Counsel).
A Sheriff’s Breakout meeting was held at 5 p.m.
Turnkey Corrections sponsored Hospitality and a bean bag tournament.

Tuesday morning, Charles Marshall (M Power Resources) talked over an hour each on Real Heroes Don’t Wear Spandex and The Serve Method. His motivational words were very entertaining.
Shawn Ireleand (ISSDA Web Committee Chair) then discussed Making ISSDA Tools Work for You and Your Agency. If you have NOT signed up for the website and emails, please contact Shawn. 
Lunch was followed with Beating the Odds by Matt Connolly (Mental Health Advocate). Matt discussed his life and issues he encountered to reaching his current status.
Rob Gruber (Executive Director, Essential Instruction) than talked for a couple hours on A Broken Life Must Be Rebuilt: Jail Programs and Beyond the Obvious: Jail Complacency. Ron discussed his life and issues he encountered and how he became a Speaker for Christ. 
Following training, there was a Jail Committee Breakout meeting at 5 pm.
Tuesday evening Hospitality was sponsored by Holiday Inn and DJ was sponsored by MEnD Correctional Care, PLLC.

Wednesday morning, State Jail Inspector Delbert Longley talked on Chapter 50 Updates and IMCC Warden James McKinney updated everyone on the use of DOC Bus for Inmate Transportation.
The remainder of the morning was Psychiatry 101: Care of Prisoners by Dr Jerome Greenfield (Iowa DOC Health Services Administrator). Dr Greenfield did a very informational presentation on the history of mental illness, the old ways and old drugs that were utilized and the new ways and the new drugs that are forthcoming.

This year’s School was well attended with 190 registrants.


THANK you participating vendors:

Combined Public Communications
Consolidated Correctional Foodservice
Global Public Safety
Jones Automotive
Keefe Group
Mend Correctional Care, PLLC
NextGen Monitoring
Prodigy Solutions, Inc
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