FLETC Resources & Training Links

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers has a number of free resources that are available out there for all of law enforcement. Please help in spreading the word to others out there. As no law enforcement should be left behind when it comes to education.

FLETC talks – is a video program that is setup on YouTube. You can find it by searching YouTube for “FLETC talks” FLETC Talks is the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers initiative to provide topical information on law enforcement subjects for our stakeholders. Our goal is to explore the law enforcement realm, while reflecting on subject-matter expert’s experiences. We bring law enforcement ideas, knowledge and concepts to life. Which can be viewed at any time, and any shift.

FLETC Talks- Fundamental of Marksmanship
FLETC Talks- Speed of Trust
FLETC Talks- Fight or Flight
FLETC Talks- Scott v Harris (Use of Force related)
FLETC Talks- Graham v Conner (Use of Force related)
FELTC Talks- Tennessee v Garner (Use of Force related)
FLETC Talks- Miranda v Arizona (Questioning related- 5th Amendment)


Research Paper – These are paper where research was conducted at FLETC:  https://www.fletc.gov/research-papers
Legal Resources – Great resources to keep you up to date:  https://www.fletc.gov/legal-resources
Legal Division Handbook (PDF)- https://www.fletc.gov/legal-division-handbook-pdf
You will the Legal Division Student Handbook and Indian Law Handbook, both are free.
Legal Division Reference Book (PDF)- https://www.fletc.gov/legal-division-reference-book-pdf
The Legal Division Reference Book is a companion to the Handbook and provides an opportunity to gain further insight, clarity and understanding of the law.
The Informer (PDF)- https://www.fletc.gov/the-informer
The Legal Training Division of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers’ Office of Chief Counsel is dedicated to providing law enforcement officers with quality, useful and timely United States Supreme Court and federal Circuit Courts of Appeals reviews, interesting developments in the law, and legal articles written to clarify or highlight various issues. The views expressed in these articles are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers. The Informer is researched and written by members of the Legal Division.
Legal Articles (PDF)- https://www.fletc.gov/legal-articles
Great articles to review.


FLETC App – You can find this on your smartphone or tablet. The app provides information about FLETC and is quick way to reach some of the legal resources.
FLETC OCC Podcast – within the FLETC App you will find the FLETC podcast which covers legal and leadership topics. The podcast does operate off of Podbean app.
FLETC news – If you would like to stay on top of what FLETC is doing, this button will help you do that.


FLETC export training is limited at this time because of COVID, however, we are running online training events. To see what you can sign up for, https://www.fletc.gov/state-local-tribal-law-enforcement-training scroll down to “Apply Now” and click on it. This will take you to our current list of classes that are open for state, local and tribal law enforcement.